Masía el Altet - The best extra virgin olive oil

The best extra virgin olive oil is born in the mountains of Alicante

The best extra virgin olive oil is born in the mountains of Alicante, between two important natural parks, La Sierra de Mariola and La Font Roja, to be more precise. Inland, in a province known for its tourist potential due to the sun and its beaches, there exist some imposing valleys with a great presence of olive trees whose olives produce the best extra virgin olive oil.

The landscape, the setting, is fundamental in obtaining an oil of maximum quality but it is not sufficient. There must also be people committed to quality, people who look after every olive hanging from every olive branch with loving care. People whose philosophy is excellence and who would only put the best olive oil on the market, that which provides a unique added value making it stand out from others.

And this is where the family comes into play and one member in particular, Jorge Petit, who restored a country property, Masía el Altet, dating from the 17th century, a building catalogued by the Valencian Government as deserving special architectural protection. From that marvellous and special building, Jorge Petit strives, year in year out, to create the best extra virgin olive oil to delight of the most discerning palates.

And in order to do that, he selects the best olives from among his 15,000 olive trees, spread over the 70 hectares that make up the estate. Not all the olives reach maturity at the same time but there is no hurry. All the fruits will have the same characteristics to make possible the elaboration of one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world, thanks to the fact that only the best varieties of olive are picked.

It is almost the work of a master craftsman. But this work carried out by hand is backed up by knowledge of the best techniques in the elaboration of olive oil, using the most sophisticated machinery. This oil always comes from the first cold pressing and year after year, harvest after harvest, the objective is to delight and surprise lovers of virgin olive oil.

Thanks to this blend of tradition and modernity, the best extra virgin olive oils are born. Masía el Altet High End, an olive oil produced 100% from the Picual variety. Bottled with the same care and attention is Masía el Altet Special Selection, produced entirely from the Changlot Real variety of olive.

And no affection is spared when it comes to bottling Masía el Altet Premium, composed of 30% Changlot Real, 30% Picual and 40% Genovesa and Blanqueta olives. And last but not least, we have to delight us Masía el Altet High Quality, produced from Picual (60%), Arbequina (20%), and the rest, that is to say, the other 20%, made up of the Genovesa, Alfafarenca and Blanqueta varieties.

It is a detailed process, a whole combination of elements (landscape, climatology, a family in love with nature, craftmanship and technology) that makes it possible for us to speak about one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world and one of the most award-winning, a feat which has occurred more than one hundred times, because the taste of this oil leaves no-one indifferent. There is no doubt that we have before us one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.