• T: 22ºC

  • RH: 49%



Masía el Altet Premium got the highest puntuation at the AVPA hold in Paris. France. 

The Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products AVPA is a non-profit non-governmental organization. Primarily constituted of producers and taste enthusiasts, AVPA’s aim is to contribute to the valorization of high quality agricultural products.

In it´s thirteenth edition Masía el Altet was the best extra virgin olive oil with the highest puntuation.

In a “raw material “world, a “commodities” world, dominated by productivity and financial requirements, productions of high quality deserve a different treatment and their initiators deserve to be supported in their efforts.
AVPA tries by all appropriate means to raise awareness among consumers and intermediaries involved of the real value of agricultural products, as long as their quality and the efforts put into them truly allow to set them apart from more standardized products . Therefore, AVPA offers at the same time to the concerned producers the communication platforms which make possible to find profitable outlets. AVPA brings to the distributors the analysis and segmentation tools which allow them to get a reasoned approach of their linear.