Fountains and beauty spots on Sierra de Mariola that you should get to know

Fountains and beauty spots on Sierra de Mariola that you should get to know

Fountains and beauty spots on Sierra de Mariola to enjoy on your own, with friends or with the family.  In this natural park of more than 16,000 hectares, you can find all sorts of fountains and beauty spots.

The Sierra de Mariola was declared a natural park on 8th January 2002 and covers many municipalities of the Vall d’Albaida, L’Alcoiá and El Comtat.

It is, together with the Font Roja, the area most loved by its inhabitants, aware of the need to look after it so that it continues to provide pleasure with its natural wonders.

We, Masía El Altet, are extremely fortunate to be situated in the middle of these two natural parks, areas which also contribute to giving  personality to what we cultivate and which help us to produce one of the extra virgin olive oils most appreciated by the most demanding palates.

In this post, we’re going to provide you with an itinerary of the fountains and beauty spots on Sierra de Mariola and we invite you to visit them.

Fountains and beauty spots that you have to visit on Sierra de Mariola

Water, as you’re going to see now, is a constant on Sierra de Mariola. This is our list of what you shouldn’t miss:

1.      The Montblanc and Molí Mató Recreational Area

Montblanc is a mountain refuge which offers other services into the bargain. From here, you can reach the Molino Mató where you can see the fountain that bears the same name.

The water has its source in a nearby cave, forms a waterfall and ends up in a pool.  It’s a natural microreserve for flora.

2.      La Font del Baladre

It’s to be found in the bed of the river Agres, populated with tall poplars, holm oaks and pines and a great variety of flora and fauna.

From here, you have you a fantastic view of the spurs of the Sierra de Mariola and of the Montcabrer. It’s a typical example of a riverbank ecosystem with its characteristic flora and fauna.

3.      Font del Tarragó

Which is sitated within the municipality of Alfafara. It’s a recreational area for the whole family with a children’s play area and tables.

4.      La Font Jordana

The Font Jordana is in Agullent with a children’s play area, an area for hiking and bar-restaurant. From here, various paths set off to visit other delightful places on the Serra de Agullent.

5.      Molí de l’Ombria beauty spot

A camping area you can find in the municipal area of Banyeres de Mariola.

It is one of the areas most visited by people who live locally. Various routes for mountain walking also start off here, for example, the PR.CV-35, the PR.CV-313 and the PR.CV-4, providing the possibility of visiting the Penya la Blasca and the source of the river Vinalopó respectively.

It’s also possible to do the Ruta dels Molins (Route of the Mills) which links the three most famous paper mills.

6.      El Convent Recreational Area

Tables of stone and wood, a restaurant and a fountain of spring water.  It’s one of the most pleasant places to spend a day with the family.

It’s from here that the route starts to see ‘cavas’, the ancient constructions where ice was stored.

7.      Hermitage of the Virgen de la Luz de Alfafara

This is a hermitage which is situated near a pine wood. It’s a very tall hermitage which rests on three buttresses each side.  It consists of a nave, sacristy and hermit’s dwelling.

The facade is austere. The floor measures 13.15 metres by 5.67 metres. The altarpiece is of neoclassical Renaissance style and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Saint Anthony.

The recreational area has everything you need to spend a really pleasant day with the family.

8.      La Font de Mariola

This is a small fountain which is considered as the heart of the the Sierra de Mariola natural park.

Next to it there are rest areas with tables and places to make paellas.  From here, a huge number of hiking routes start off to visit the most famous places in the park.  It’s a much frequented place.

9.      Font Maciana

Here, we’re speaking about a small recreational area which is situated within the municipality of Agullent, in the district of Vall d’Albaida in the province of Valencia.

You can get to it very easily setting off from the town’s sports centre and it’s only a short walk. There’s a fountain and tables and it’s a favourite place to have breakfast at the weekend.

From the Font Maciana, you can take a path which joins the Senda dels Enginyers (Enginyers Path) to take the route to the top of the Torrater.

10. Fuente del Azud

Also situated in the municipality of Alfafara.  What’s more, it’s situated in the very town itself. Another place to spend wonderful moments with friends and family.

11. Font de la Coveta

The river Vinalopó has its source on Sierra de Mariola and historically, it has been said that it’s born in the Font de la Coveta although experts indicate that the water first emerges in Els Brulls or in the Mas de Bodí.

But it’s true that in this fountain we find a small stream which gives form to the river.

From this spot, you can find a huge number of routes to follow the course of the river.

Fountains and beauty spots on Sierra de Mariola full of water and life

As you can see from these ten fountains and beauty spots on Sierra de Mariola, water is ever present wherever you go.  And water is life.

Thousands and thousands of people visit these beauty spots to enjoy being in touch with Nature first hand.

A natural park which, if you haven’t already done it, you have to discover due to its undeniable beauty. A perfect place for hikers of all ages. A natural park for the whole family.

Have you ever visited one of these beauty spots on Sierra de Mariola? And what would you say about them? Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think in the comments section.

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