Masía El Altet Premium with François Geurds

Masía El Altet Premium with François Geurds

François Geurds is one of the most important chefs, or to put it a better way, culinary artists, in Holland and possibly the best chef in Rotterdam, where he runs his restaurant, FG Food, (FG being his initials). François studies with great care and attention each new dish he creates.

We have said that he is a culinary artist but he is also an investigator, a natural in innovation. By the way, in spite of being so young, he already has two Michelin stars to his name, a recognition of his talent.

Well, fruit of this investigation is this ‘delicatessen’ which we are going to tell you about and which you can see in the photograph below this text.

From the arrangement, you might think that this is a starter, but what is certain is that in his desire to surprise, François Geurds has made a dessert, a dessert of the most daring kind. And what are its ingredients?

• Caramelised walnuts
• Foie gras
• Panko
• Vanilla ice cream
Masía El Altet Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fruit of his constant investigation, he has succeeded in creating here a combination which has been described as heavenly by many restaurant critics.

You can have a look at his restaurant, although only online by clicking on This link. If you want to or have the opportunity of visiting Rotterdam, make a note of it in your favourites.
Restaurante FG Food
Katshoek 37bç
3032 AE Rotterdam