11 benefits  of olive oil for your hair that you didn’t know about

11 benefits of olive oil for your hair that you didn’t know about

What are the benefits of olive oil for your hair? Can extra virgin olive oil be better for your hair than a shampoo or another cosmetic product?  How do you apply olive oil on your hair?  This post is a must because we’re going to tell you the secrets of olive oil for your hair.

 Can extra virgin olive oil be better than shampoo or another cosmetic product? Of course if we analyse it carefully, we can definitely say it is.

Why? Well because it is a foodstuff which is one hundred per cent natural, full of vitamins and nutrients.

On many occasions, we’ve spoken about the huge benefits of extra virgin olive oil for your health.  You can read it for example in this post.  So it’s not in the slightest bit strange to find many benefits olive oil has for you hair and which you almost certainly didn’t know about.

It is also certain that we are seeing more and more cosmetics using olive oil in their preparations.

By the way, as you can see, we are always referring to extra virgin olive oil.  You might be asking yourself why.

The reason is very simple.  Because extra virgin olive oil is the real juice from olives, that is to say, a foodstuff which is one hundred per cent natural.

Of course this type of olive oil, very different from simple olive oil and nothing more or other refined types, provides many benefits for your health.  And for your hair too.

So in  the following lines, we’re going to tell you what those benefits are and how to apply  olive oil on your hair. What do you think? Are you going to accompany us on our journey?

All the things you can gain from applying olive oil to your hair

  1. Your hair will be stronger and healthier. That is due to the huge quantity of vitamin E which extra virgin olive oil contains.
  2. It will repair those areas of your hair which are damaged or abused. Your hair can be damaged from prolonged exposure to sun or from using poor quality shampoos.
  3. Finer hair will also become stronger thanks to colagen. That is a substance which is generated from vitamin C.
  4. Olive oil reduces frizziness. In some cases, it manages to eliminate it all together.
  5. It leads the fight against split ends which is one of the great problems which affect hair.
  6. It will help you to treat any type of hair problem. We’re talking about irritations, itchiness or any type of wound.
  7. You will never have head lice.
  8. Extra virgin olive oil is a magnificent moisturiser and will prevent your hair from becoming dry.
  9. Applying olive oil to your hair is a process which, in the short term, can bring about improvements to any type of hair no matter how damaged it is.
  10. It will make your hair shinier
  11. Of course and let’s not forget, it’s a fantastic antidote for hair loss.

So to sum up and as you can see from all of the benefits we have just listed for you, extra virgin olive oil can substitute many shampoos and cosmetic products  – some of which use chemical products. It will repair, look after and care for your hair, preventing that dreaded hair loss  and split ends or  damaged hair.

How to apply olive oil on your hair

And now we’re going to explain to you how you can apply extra virgin olive oil on your hair.  It’s a traditional home tip  and very economical.  What you have to do in order to get the maximum benefit from all the properties  extra virgin olive oil has to offer is the following:

  1. Take half a coffee cup of extra virgin olive oil and put it into the microwave. Heat it for 20 seconds.  Depending on the microwave, you might need a bit longer.
  2. Put the hot olive oil little by little into the palm of your hand and massage your hair. You can also use a hairbrush or a fine artist’s brush.
  3. Repeat until all of your hair is covered in extra virgin olive oil.
  4. To increase the effect of the hot oil even more, when you’ve finished massaging, cover your head with a shower cap. Leave it on for 30 minutes  so that the oil has time to work.
  5. Then, and to remove all of the oil, have a shower. You can use your usual shampoo. Rinse your hair well.

Olive oil for your hair: a cheap home remedy

As you can see, it’s a home remedy and also very cheap. Extra virgin olive oil can be applied to other parts of the body. There is no doubt that it’s a beauty product.  Look at this article where other benefits are explained.

As you have just seen, we’ve explained a beauty tip.  Putting olive oil on your hair will have incredible effects.  You’ll see how its strength increases, hair loss is preempted and it fights against split ends. Oil can be a substitute for many beauty products because it contains an endless list of beneficial properties.

A question: Did you know that olive oil can be so beneficial for your hair?  Have you ever used any of the advice we’ve given you in this post? If you have, let us know the results  you obtained in the comments section.

Did you like this post? Has it been useful? Don’t hesitate to share it on your social networks and tell everyone you know about it. We’ll be delighted if you do.

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Higher Olive
Higher Olive
5 years ago

Great Stuff.. It seems, you have researched a lot before posting the blog. Thank you for sharing such a important information, as rarely people know this use of CBD. I know about CBD but not aware the CBD can be use in this way as well.

4 years ago

What if I don’t have a microwave, and I apply the cold oil without washing it off, does it have any side effect?

Mona O'Dowd
Mona O'Dowd
4 years ago
Reply to  Reke

I also just applied it to my hair at room temperature. I only put a lil because my haur was dry. Seems fine. I plan on washing it out in the AM.

Knowledge Sourcing
Knowledge Sourcing
3 years ago

Olive oil has traditionally been an inevitable part of European and Mediterranean cuisine which is now gaining prominence in other places too as it has numerous benefits such as serving in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and many more.
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Desdamona Thompson
Desdamona Thompson
3 years ago

Thanks so much!!!! My hair is getting so long but I want it to grow faster so I searched and found my olive oil shampoo so I mean yay!!!

Exordium Labs
Exordium Labs
1 year ago

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