Snowfall in Masía El Altet, the perfect altitude for the best EVOO

Snowfall in Masía El Altet, the perfect altitude for the best EVOO

We want to share with you some images which will become part of history. We are referring to the snowfall on our Masía El Altet land on 20th January 2017.

We had not received such a heavy snowfall for more than 20 years. It is true to say that in the mountains of Alicante and in the municipal areas of Alcoy and Banyeres in particular, which is where you will find Masía El Altet, snow falls almost every winter but not with such intensity, where it left up to 70cm in some areas.

It gave us the opportunity to record this video with really spectacular images. The snow which had fallen allowed the author to descend some of the slopes around the Masía and film with his Gopro camera. Images from among our olive trees, accustomed to the intense cold which reigns in this area in winter.

So at 850m above sea level, which is where the olives which produce one of the best olive oils in the world grow and only 30km as the crow flies from the Mediterranean, we could film these scenes which could easily come from any ski resort in the heart of the Pyrenees.

The images, as you can see, are bucolic but the heavy snowfall also had its downside. Our Masía El Altet was cut off for four days. It was impossible for snow ploughs to clear the roads which surround the Font Roja and Sierra de Mariola natural parks or the towns and villages near Masía El Altet.

What is certain is that Masía El Altet, located in the municipal area of Alcoy, Alicante and more precisely at Km 8 on the main road from Alcoy to Banyeres, is where a very heavy snowfall was recorded during the bad weather which affected all of the inland areas in the north of the province of Alicante, in what is known as the Montaña de Alicante.

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