Thanks to the Olive Oil Times for their video!!

Thanks to the Olive Oil Times for their video!!

We’re over the moon about it and we can’t do more than thank the Olive Oil Times  for a fantastic video published on their prestigious  site.  It’s a video almost four minutes in length and which gives us the possibility of telling everybody worldwide how we produce one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.

The journalist Pablo Esparza came to our Estate to produce this  comprehensive documentary.  On this occasion, the person who answered all his questions  and  satisfied his curiosity was Jorge Petit Jr.

We were given the possiblility to explain on one of the most important sites  in the world, dedicated to the latest news about  olive oil, how we started to produce our Masía El Altet.  So that  the whole world would know where our estate is to be found (between two natural parks which are the Font Roja  and the Serra de Mariola), and which is situated at an altitude of  850 metres above sea level and very near the Mediterranean.

But when all is said and done, since what we have here is a video and one which is extremely well made, it’s better for you to see it for yourselves.  You can see it by clicking on this link


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