The best olive oil for dressing your salads

The best olive oil for dressing your salads

What is the best olive oil for dressing your salad? Do you think that all oils are the same for dressing salads or are there some better than others?  What amount of dressing should you put on  a salad? In this post, we aim to make you an expert in salad dressings.

Which is the best olive oil for dressing your salads? The answer is obvious: extra virgin olive oil.

Why? Well, for an obvious reason.  It is the purest oil which exists, the real juice of olives, that which has a great aroma and flavour.  And, above all, the one which has all the properties for your health.

There’s no need to say that it‘s much tastier and healthier than virgin olive oil and olive oil.  It’s more than obvious that it easily surpasses blended oils or sunflower oil.

You already know that blended oils are those which are produced from mixing other oils to mask impurities.

As a consequence, the best olive oil for dressing our salads is extra virgin olive oil, such as the ones produced on the Masía El Altet estate.  An olive always picked at its perfect moment of ripening, transported quickly to the oil mill where the most modern food technologies are then used.

But after saying all of this, is it possible to use different types of extra virgin olive oil for different types of salad? Well, the answer to this question is also ‘yes’.

A different oil for each dressing

  1. For fresh salads

By that, we mean those salads which contain a lot of green vegetables and market garden produce.  Those which are made  up of lettuce, rocket, tender shoots, onion, cucumber, tomato.

This green salad has a very fresh and aromatic taste, like recently cut grass.  What is very important for the taste to be enhanced is that  products are carefully chosen.  If they are in season and local, so much the better.

So, for this type of salad, the best olive oil for dressing is our Masía El Altet Premium.  Why do we say that? Because of its make-up.  It’s a coupage from various autoctonous varieties which grow in between two natural parks, the Sierra de Mariola and the Font Roja.  An oil which is impregnated with that taste of nature.

  1. For salads containing fruits

It is not at all strange to prepare salads which, apart from the green vegetables and market garden produce ones mentioned before, contain fruits.

We could even say  that they do exist or that fruit salads are prepared.

The most  common fruits in these salads are pears, bananas, strawberries and many wild berries.

What  is also suitable and recommendable for your health is to add dried  nuts which, like fruits, vegetables and market garden produce also contain a neverending list of properties beneficial for your health.

For this type of salad, the perfect dressing with oil would be an extra virgin olive oil containing the Arbequina variety of olive.

Why? Well, because this variety of olive has many sweet notes and is not at all bitter. It is practically perfect.

For that reason, we recommend that if you decide to make this type of salads, you dress them with Masía El Altet High Quality.  This oil is made with the variety of olive we have already mentioned and in addition, Alfafarenca, Blanqueta and Genovesa, the last three being varieties of olive autoctonous in the Mountains of Alicante.

  1. For salads with pasta or pulses

We already spoken about vegetable salads and fruit salads.  But it is becoming more and more usual to prepare salads with pasta or pulses.

Besides, this type of salads make up a very inviting main dish.

In areas where high temperatures predominate in spring and summer, it is a very healthy and refreshing way of eating.

The most normal thing is to make a pasta salad and add pieces of tomato, cucumber and carrot.

As far as pulses are concerned, one of the favourite salads is the one prepared with chick peas, eggs and tuna.

We could, however, make a very long list of the great variety of variations which we could find in this type of salads.

The perfect dressing should be one with extra virgin olive oil with  spicy and bitter  touches to bring out the taste of all of these ingredients.

We couldn’t think of a better oil than Masía El Altet Special Selection.  An extra virgin olive oil which is contains up to 70%  autoctonous varieties, 40%Changlot Real  and 30% Alfafarenca, Genovesa and Blanqueta and 30% Picual.

How do you organize the ingredients?

Does the order of the factors change the result?  Unlike in mathematics, in salads, yes it does.  So, what is the order in which the dressing will give your salad aroma and flavour? Well, you have to add them in this order:

  • Salt
  • Vinager
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You may ask why?  No, it’s not simply a whim.  Here’s the explanation.

We shouldn’t forget that extra virgin olive oil is a fat. If you put it on first what you will do is prevent the salt and the vinager from coming into contact with the foods, depriving them of their taste and flavour.  So don’t forget this order if you really want to enjoy good salads.

In this link, you’ll find opinions on this matter and about the quantity of ingredients that you should use on your salads.  We are of the opinion that you should use the extra virgin olive oil in moderation because if not, you might take in more calories than are necessary and  thus lose the desired ‘slimming’ effects of a good salad since the majority of the ingredients contain a great deal of water.

That‘s all we wanted to tell you about dressing salads.  So that they have greater flavour, extra virgin olive oil.  Don’t even consider other types of oils.  Look for the one that improves the salad.  We’ve also given you some advice about how to add the ingredients.

And what about you?   What’s your way of preparing salads?  Which is your favourite dressing? Tell us in the comments section.  And if you have a special recipe, tell us as well.

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