The effects of extra virgin olive oil against Covid

The effects of extra virgin olive oil against Covid

Could extra virgin olive oil be a food which helps in the fight against contracting Covid-19?  Is it necessary to maintain a healthy diet to fight against Coronavirus?

In this post, we’re going to speak about the latest lines of investigation carried out by scientists in order to identify the importance that extra virgin olive oil could have to counter the effects of the pandemia.

It is true that there are already some results which indicate that EVOO can play an important role in the fight against this illness, if only in cases in which the viral load is light.

We’re referring, for example, to the investigation carried out by scientists from the Universities of Naples and Perugia in the sense that extra virgin olive oil could block the entry of the virus into human cells.

These scientists have studied some molecules of natural steriods which are to be found in extra virgin olive oil and other foodstuffs such as liquorice.

This could be the first step in demonstrating the importance of EVOO in the prevention of the virus which is affecting the whole world and which has caused a general lockdown and a serious economic and social crisis.

The discovery has already been presented to the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA).

Another study which is being carried out in Greece has also been acknowledged.  It points out the importance of the antioxidants and anticoagulants that extra virgin olive oil contains, which prevent inflammation of human cells.

This inflammation is what causes the most serious complications when the illness is contracted.  You can read more abut this study in this link.

Natural foods and the Mediterranean diet against the virus

The two studies we’ve mentioned can open a door to hope where finding natural treatments for fighting against the illness are concerned.

There is still nothing sure and we have to put our faith in the vaccinations which have been developed by several important pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Moderna, among others.

What there is no doubt about, bearing in mind all of the studies published, is that a healthy diet helps to fight against all types of viruses  and illnesses.

Within this healthy diet, all specialists opt for following the Mediterranean Diet.

It’s the healthiest way of eating in the world and has at its centre olive oil, accompanied by other foods such as fruit and vegetables, cereals and bread.

It’s more than obvious that you must rule out eating processed and ultra-processed foods.

Our immunological system is very complex and there are many factors which affect how it works. Among them, our lifestyle and our surroundings.

Scientists indicate that one thing that we have within our power is to control the billions of microbes which live in our intestine. These microbes all together are called microbiome.

This intestinal microbiome is an element which helps us to respond to the widest variety of infections and to be in a generally good state of health.

And having healthy microbioma also helps defences aginst viruses such as Covid-19.

The objective, according to scientists, is to have a healthy microbioma and that depends a great deal on the foods we eat.

The more diverse the microbioma, the greater the defences. The diversity of microbioma goes down as we get older and that also explains why Coronavirus hits elderly people hardest.

Healthy food to have good microbioma

What would be the best way to increase that diversity of microbioma in order to have more weapons to fight agains all types of viruses and infections?

Investigators are in no doubt: by eating a wide range of foods of a vegetable nature, foods which are rich in fibre and, as we’ve previously said, ruling out processed and ultra-processed foods and so called ‘junk food’.

In different studies carried out, it has been demonstrated that the Mediterranean Diet improves the diversity of intestinal microbioma and reduces inflammation. Inflammation is one of of the causes which makes the illness more serious when it is contracted.

So, when all’s said and done, it’s necessary to take in healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil. In addition, not to cook with butter as still occurs in many Anglo-Saxon countries.

What it’s necessary to do is make is a committment to eating a large quantity of fruit and vegetables, nuts, cereals and  lean meat or fish.

These are the ingredients of a healthy diet which would maintain all of our cells far better prepared if we were to suffer the attack of any virus, of Covid-19 as well.

And some more advice  on how to maintain healthy eating habits: it’s necessary to avoid consuming alcohol, salt, sweet things, sugary drinks and artificial sweeteners.

In fact, the Spanish Government has decided recently to increase VAT on sugary drinks. It has been demonstrated that these are also responsible in many cases for excess weight and obesity, above all in children.

Excess weight and obesity make things really easy for all viruses and infections. It’s an extremely worrying topic and  practically worldwide.

And what about frozen vegetables? It’s a question which is often asked. Frozen vegetables are no different from fresh ones.  So, there’s no need to worry about consuming them. What’s more, vegetables can be stored in the freezer.

Although there still isn’t any clear evidence, extra virgin olive oil can help in the fight against Covid-19.  Several studies, the ones which we’ve referred to in this post, have been able to demonstrate that this is the case.

What has been demonstrated scientifically is that a healthy diet based on the Mediterranean Diet, which has extra virgin olive oil at its centre, has very positive effects on the fight against any type of virus or infection, also in the fight against Covid-19.

Is the Mediterranean Diet your preferred option? What are your eating habits? Please answer these questions for us in the comments section.

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